Schipper Steel - Engineered Enclosures
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  SCHIPPER STEEL manufactures metal enclosures in mild steel, 3CR12, stainless steel and aluminium.
  The range consists of :
  • Multi Purpose Enclosures
  • Floor Standing Enclosures
  • Modular Floor Standing Enclosures
  • Computer Cabinets
  • Consoles and Desks
  • Multi-Purpose Boxes
  multi-purpose enclosures

multi-purpose enclosures

SCHIPPER STEEL Multi-Purpose Enclosures are made to client-specified size,
configuration and colour. They have chassis plates, gland plates, wall mounting plates and pole
mounting kits.

  floor standing enclosuresfloor standing enclosures

SCHIPPER STEEL Floor Standing Enclosures are fitted with movable chassis plate supports,
reinforced front doors, double bar locking system and two-part cable gland plates

  modular enclosures

modular enclosures

SCHIPPER STEEL Modular (Purpose-Made) Floor Standing Enclosures comprise four
multiple-folded steel uprights attached to top and bottom frames punched on a
25mm pitch to accept accessories. Roof, back and side panels are fixed to the
frames by screws. Doors are fitted to reinforced frame for easy attachment.
Accessories are available for the fitting of 19 inch racks, chassis plates and
internal doors.


computer cabinetscomputer cabinets

SCHIPPER STEEL Computer Cabinets and Server Enclosures are specially designed
to protect computers and servers in harsh industrial environments.

  computer cabinets

SCHIPPER STEEL Consoles and Control Desks are designed for ease of access for
day-to-day operation and servicing. CONTROL DESKS are designed for total
accessibility. CONSOLE applications are varied, but all are designed for the
fitting of a PC, monitor and keyboard.

  multi-purpose boxes

multi-purpose boxes

SCHIPPER STEEL Multi-Purpose Boxes include Terminal Boxes, Bus Enclosures,
Fibre Optic Distribution Boxes or for other uses where equipment
requires protection.