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  service centre with cnc punching, bending, welding and protective powder coating

We'd like you to think of the SCHIPPER STEEL Service Centre as your own factory ... but without the headaches of assets, maintenance, sick leave and other stuff sent to test us. You have an idea for a piece of equipment that could be fabricated from mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium. You may be able to produce part or all of it yourself, but might not be willing to handle the entire job because of lack of specialist equipment or time.

That's where SCHIPPER STEEL Service Centre comes in.

Fully automated CNC punching, bending it any way you want, welding in many formats and, if you like, finishing off with attractive, durable and protective powder coating.

We're a touch different at SCHIPPER STEEL.

We believe that if you call yourself a Service Centre, 'service' is key.

Providing good service is no problem ... it is our pleasure. Again and again.